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Contract management


Gouny Rentals will professionally communicate with (potential) tenants of your property in three languages, will arrange for accurate and safe processing of contracts and will take care of your booking administration.

We as home owners of a property in El Gouna know that it can take much time and effort to  correspond and call with (potential) tenants/guests, administrate bookings, update your calender, establish rental agreements and keep all your documents filed. Gouny Rentals can do it all for you!

We offer full contract management services. After receiving information and booking requests from (potential) tenants/guests from various countries, we will correspond and call with them in several possible languages (English, German and Dutch). After receiving a booking request and after a first selection (only trusted guests will be serviced), we will conclude a booking confirmation including a legally binding rental contract.  At the same time we will update the booking calendar (including homeowner stays) and update the booking administration. Between the booking date and the date of arrival, Gouny Rentals will maintain contact with the tenants and provide them with further relevant information.

Professional communication with (potential) tenants from various countries, arranging for the necessary legal rental documentation and updating your booking administration. Why would you do it yourself? Let Gouny Rentals take care!