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Payment management


The financial settlement of the rental of your property requires accuracy, alertness and above all a lot of time and hassle. Gouny Rentals will take these worries away from you through our payment management services. Let Gouny Rentals take care!

The Gouny Rentals Payment Management Services include the following:

Invoicing tenants/guests
We will arrange for a timely, complete and correct invoicing of tenants/guests for the rental of your property. The invoicing will ensure that all required payment information is received by the guests in accordance with the rental agreement.

Ensuring timely payment by tenants/guests
Once the invoicing has been sent to the guests, Gouny Rentals will track timely payment of the deposit and installments by the respective guests. Any non-timely payment will be followed up immediately by sending reminders and by contacting guests by phone. If necessary, further dunning procedures will be started to ensure receipt of the amounts due.    

Returning deposits to tenants/guests
After check-out a visual check of your property and its inventory will be made by our team. If all is in order, deposits received will be returned to the respective tenants/guests. Any missing or damaged inventory will be subtracted from the deposits made before returning the balance to the tenants/guests.

Local payment of homeowner approved expenses for maintenance
After advising on the maintenance of your property (you will receive inspection reports at least once per quarter), we will ask for your approval of any maintenance work to be carried out. Any of these smaller maintenance expenses or necessary repairs will be paid by Gouny Rentals directly to the maintenance service providers (while retaining appropriate invoices or bills for your review).  Any balances will be settled on a monthly basis.

Monthly settlement of balances due with homeowner
On a monthly basis Gouny Rentals will provide you with a statement showing the amounts received on your behalf (i.e. rental and deposits) and amounts paid on your behalf (i.e. returns of deposits, smaller maintenance expenses and necessary repairs, replacements of inventory, etc). All expenses will be separately documented. Any balances due to you will be settled on a monthly basis by transfering the related net amount to your bankaccount, while subtracting the Gouny Rentals commission.

 By having Gouny Rentals take care of the payment management you can be assured of a perfect financial settlement of the rental of your property. Let Gouny Rentals take care!